Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kings of Chaos Recruiter

Kings of Chaos players are constantly searching for a recruiter. In the previous ages, players who were skilled in formulating software codes created KoC recruiters, or the so-called clickers for the game. Among the popular Kings of Chaos recruiters back then include Phoenix Rising's Wildfire with the CW tool, Striker Clan's Click Demon and many others. This age (Age X or Age 10), there are NO formal recruiters yet although there is an in-game recruiter available. However, there is one recruiter which is still in the development process.

It's called ClickBackPlease. It's still on the Alpha stage, meaning it's still a TEST release. The creator of the recruiter is a player named NotDeadYet. For more information about the latest Kings of Chaos recruiter, you can visit here.

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